Digitization and Migration

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Digitization and Migration_3
  • UDS deals with data digitization and legacy migration.

  • Data digitization is done through Imaging, Scanning and OCR process

  • UDS digitizes the LIC policies and Upload them to the corresponding LIC Divisional Offices as well as in the local server of the corresponding LIC Branches. Also to provide the L1 support to each LIC DO-BO offices in terms of System Admin, Linux and Omni-Docs Server Support. Maintain that TAT throughout the Country.

  • Location Spread: UDS has covered 70 LIC Divisional Offices spread across all states of India. The operational need is to collect data from more than 1500 LIC Branches under these divisional offices.

  • More than 566 employees of UDS across all major cities in India have given their best efforts to keep the entire system up & running.

  • To provide the service of digitization, data uploading to the national server of ‘Ration cards’ in eight different districts of West Bengal.

  • Manpower Engaged : 250 Block level Supervisor, 9800+ Nos. of Data Entry operator and more than 20 Nos. of project management team.